Cretian Times Day 13

Another sportsman in the hotel – Raymond van Barneveld – darts for those of you non the wiser. Click his name to learn more.

Oh dear, not happy. It would appear that the Sky Sports 3 feed in Crete is not the same as the UK. They are showing motorsport when of course they should be showing Saints v Tigers. I have even got all dressed up for the occasion. Lucky I have TuneIn Radio app on the iPhone so at least I can listen to 5 Live.

Sh*t that weight gain over the last fortnight is not looking good!

What a great start for the Saints. Two tries in 5 minutes for Tiny. Get in!

18:50 – a little happier now. A good start to the season for Saints. A 27-19 win over the Tigers. Should have got the bonus point though.

Tex-Mex tonight. Looking forward to a bit of heat from the chillies. I have eaten way too much this holiday even after avoiding all the carbs. Don’t think I will achieve that tonight as everything comes wrapped in a tortilla. The only difference in the dishes is how they fold it.

Continuing with the theme of my favourite past photos, here is one from a couple of years ago. I think I will call it

Man teaches glass table a lesson


Nice one Mr B.

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