Crete 2015 – Day 4 – Nothing Happened

Well virtually nothing happened. It was just a day of chillin around the pool, lunching, napping and dinner. Woke up to fabulous sunshine. Early breakfast and straight to the pool area – 2 m from our front door. No one else here.

Mr R commented that it could be nothing else but heavy petting in the pool due to our combined kg. Cheeky git.

Okay Flipper boy, how good did you look waddling your way into the pool?

Then watch him do a length of the pool in under 1s.

The only other highlight of the day was as we were having a few sundowners, a man treated us to a little pole dancing. Health & Safety eat your heart out.

Here are some more pics taken from our balconies, yes we have 3! Including one of a little white church perched right at the top of the mountains behind us. More of that tomorrow when we attempt to reach a small village just beneath it! Oh good Mrs CT in a car going up the side of a mountain – hold on to your ears.



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