Crete 2015 – Day 2 – Late Breakfast, very late lunch & ridiculous time to eat dinner

The sun, by now was balsting its way through the tiny clouds and scattering them far and wide. Pool time was here. A good size pool that we all attempted several lengths in. These are proper lengths, please note Mrs B, not 2 strokes and you’re at the other end.

We had the pool area to ourselves as being one of only 2 groups in residence. The other group, Brendan and Claire, preferred driving every day, to a secluded little beach at the edge of town where, with other like minded people, they choose to take all their clothes off. We decided that due to non-pc body shapes that we owned between us, that this beach was off limits. Harry & The Twins are not for public viewing (see previous blog from Sorrento 2014).

By 1 o’clock Mr R & myself were becoming restless in the sun and decided the time had come to do a little exploration. A walk down town was chosen. We had been told that the easiest way to the nearest beach was through the Sunwings carpark (hotel of Scandanavian types seen the night before) and then trough the swimming pool area. What we did not realise that this was not just one pool area but several as the hotel is built on 6 levels on the side of a hill. Eventuall we reached said beach only to find that you could not naviagte in to town but rather had to go up back to the main road. Oh good a complete loop through Lollo land (the 7ft giraffe you might remember).

A typical small Cretan town with a mixture of little houses, restaurants, bars and shops, alas half of the latter 3 shut and probably not opening for the season. Most residents grew their own food including this lady with her wild artichokes.

We only made it 2/3 of the way to the harbour before the 32c overcame is and we just had to find a bar. Down a little alley towards the beach we found a delightful watering hole. Mr R decided it was time to go Greek and chose Ouzo whilst I stayed on the ice cold Mythos.

A bit of a Reggie Perrin Moment took place here. A gentleman stripped down to his trunks, put all of his belongings into a rucksack, which he left under a table. Then proceeded to get into a sea going kayak and paddle off towards the horizon, never to be seen again! Whilst we spent another hour and another round or so of drinks the ladies were no doubt grumbling about lack of food. Back to the villa then only to find them asleep! Lunch at Harry’s Bar was chosen as it was next door. Several (too many) plates of excellent food later we stumbled back. Lunch at 5pm is too late. It meant no one was hungry for dinner, or so we thought at the time. At 9pm we decided to wander down to the same bar we had discovered during the day just for a drink. Needless to say the ladies had to stop at most clothes shops on the way. Mr R and I decided to misbehave.

Drinks drunk, a walk back up the hill would get us home. Oh no. The ladies wanted coffee so decided to stop at Obelix’s which turned out to be the villages fast food joint. What was meant to be just a drinks outing turned into a very late dinner of Pizzas etc. I spent the 30 minutes trying to eat mine whilst trying to fend off a friendly put audacious little kitten. Got home at 12am, over fed and over tired. Straight to bed! Not a wise idea on full stomachs as we all found out later on.



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