Crete 2014 – Day 3

Biggest question of the day is “what the hell happened to Day 2”? In truth, nothing. We spent most of the day trying to adjust to the crazy heat and humidity. Helped in no end by the plunge pool on our terrace, lots of water and the excellent air-con. A couple of glasses of red whilst sorting out the wifi induced a fantastic siesta around 4pm

An extra bottle of wine appeared in our room sometime during the day courtesy of the restaurant manager as an apology for “vomitgate” which took place the previous evening. I cannot yet bring myself to tell you this story as the memories are still fresh and I have got Thai noodles to eat tonight.

This food, however, brings us back to day 3, Saturday and Mrs CT’s pud in the Al Dente. Good food but not quite Michelin Star as advertised by the hotel. Interestingly I chose the Lamb dish from the menu in the next picture.

The accompaniment turned out to be couscous, thank goodness. You would think they would have put a bit of effort into the translation in the supposedly most up market restaurant on site. A good meal despite all this. During the afternoon I spent an enjoyable couple of hours across the road in the Club Cafe, an excellent bar with 5 large screens showing 5 different matches including Rotherham v Wolves? Beer at £2.90 a pint makes this my bolt hole for the fortnight. Long term readers of this blog may remember that my sever 4 years ago was Polish Pat. Sadly she is no longer here but has been replaced by the equally affable Analisa. (For previous blog look on the right side for dates. Last visit here was August 2010).

and when I say across the road, that’s our hotel in the background of this pic.

I am revving up for a rant but I feel that only 3 days into the holiday it is too soon. It will however involve a) Thomson’s definition of the term “adult”, b) the infestation of the “adults only” pool area by a large group of pre-pubescent teens and c) the seemingly inability of the inmates to have any decent table manners. Anyway, 2 hours until our dinner in the Thai restaurant so I think I will have a couple of pints pulled by Analisa whilst watching NEW V MCI


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