Bulgaria 2013 – Day 1 – Queueless, Terrorists, Cosmopolitans

……..and so the 2013 Summer holiday begins. No early morning flight this time but a very leisurely drive down to LTN at 09.00 to catch the 12:25 Wizzair flight to Bourgas.

I have never seen LTN so empty. Queue at checkin – zero. Queue at security – zero. Queue at the Bar – Zero. This is going far too well.

The pink and purple plane awaits with its deep aubergine interior. Far more relaxing and reassuring than that blue and lurid yellow that the Chief Pratt of aviation uses – O’Leary and his Ryanair. The documentary this week showed his usual appalling lack of dignity and empathy.

Woa! Spoke too soon about the smooth running. The skys above Czech Republic and Hungary need resurfacing. As bouncy as next door’s trampoline.

The picture above serves as a reminder of the atrocity that occurred at Burgas airport, summer, last year. Six innocent people lost their lives along with one misled terrorist.

Our flight today, landed just after the daily flight from Tel Aviv, the exact flight from last year. Security is now extraordinary. When this flight lands, the airport goes into lockdown. All non Israeli passengers are directed through a separate door. Those on the Tel Aviv flight are then escorted 40 at a time to their awaiting coaches under heavily armed guard. Have a look here for more details.

Thirty minutes later, after collecting the mighty Toyota Aygo, we were at The Vineyards, some one hour earlier than I had originally estimated. Mrs CT wasted no time in getting stuck into the Cosmopolitan cocktails.

More tomorrow. Laters!

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