Microwaves and Dust

Home Improvement – Day 42

Apologies, leaving home early and coming home late has not been conducive to many photos or the urge to write. The cold and damp by not having all the external walls intact has forced Mrs CT, Smudge the cat and I to retreat to the only usable room downstairs, the dining room. This we are sharing with the fridge/freezer, a kettle and a micro-wave. Oh the culinary delights that have created over the last 3 weeks are something to behold! For those readers that know us I am pleased to say that despite the cramped conditions, so far neither of us have resorted to murder.

Here is how we left the project last time……………….

……………….and here it is now
There has been a little pain and discomfort in getting to this stage. The demolition of all the internal walls for one. We were prepared for a little dust and debris but good grief the mess that can be caused by 3 men, 1 stone chisel, 2 lump hammers and an angle grinder is quite impressive. Not to mention the 2 huge skips that they filled with rubble. During this Smudge the cat was packed off with her blanket, mice and ball with a bell in it to The Ringsted Cat Hotel where she enjoyed a fully inclusive week away.

In an attempt to prop the house up whilst they took down the kitchen walls there were some interesting additions to our rooms upstairs as you can see from our en-suite. It made using the loo or having a shave an interesting exercise for a few days!
Thank goodness that the extension was finished when it was and the whole thing weather tight before all the rain we have had over the past couple of weeks. So where are we know? Well the rooms have now been created and plaster is starting to go on the walls.

On the right hand side is what will become the new cloakroom and utility room. This area caused much discussion last week when we realised that to use the WC you would have to perch on it or aim from a distance! By moving soil pipes and turning the item by 180 our future guests will be pleased to know that comfort has been restored.
Smudge is built in a similar fashion to me – overweight, a belly and short legs. Her new cat flap is somewhat higher than the old one due to Mrs CT insisting on glazed doors. It means I have had to erect a temporary “cat step” to allow her to get in! No more magnets hanging around her neck though as modern technology means that the lock reads the micro-chip in her neck. Why can’t we have that, would save on looking for you keys all the time!
No it’s not a new outside loo but the base for the new greenhouse when it eventually arrives. It’s going to be a hectic 2 weeks with 1 ton of floor tiles arriving Monday, then several thousand boxes containing the kitchen I imagine.
PS I have now given up smiling politely at people who say “it will be worth it in the end” I now just shrug my shoulders and sigh loudly whilst thinking fondly of my next microwaved delicacy.
All the photographs of our project so far can be seen here:-
Home Improvement

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