Menorca 2012 Day 2 – Bubble Baths & Boquerones

One of the things that attracted Mrs CT to the Audax Hotel was the room and the fact that it had a Jacuzzi bath (common name for a bath with water jets but actually a brand name, a bit similar to Hoover. The system bath was actually from Roca. My friends in the bathroom industry will understand this).

Anyway, today after a day around the pool was declared bubble bath time. The remnants of the freebie bottle of fizz was poured and the water did flow.

The bath is the size of a small swimming pool and the jets very powerful. My first bath for probably 2 years – I prefer showers. Soapy bubbles, back scrubbing and lather ensued. Made Prince Harry’s hotel activities look positively tame 😉

Mrs CT declared that this shall be our chosen method of washing from now on – dirty girl!

For those that have followed this blog over the past 4 years will know that food is one of the more common entries.

I took a small walk (less than 100m) into town this lunchtime to track down the now über trendy Tapas. I wasn’t disappointed, with several establishments offering the tasty little dishes.

I am partial to the odd plate of anchovies (not those in oil from a tin but the fresh ones) otherwise known as Boquerones. A dish of these was ordered together with some crispy Calamares. I wasn’t too sure how the anchovies would be presented but the result surprised even me!

On crisps, are you taking the proverbial pi$$! As it happens they were a taste sensation with the crisps soaking up the tasty vinegary juices.

Finally back to the after bath (pun intended) here is a nice pic of Mrs CT finishing off her fizzy with book in hand, not 50 Shades, which she says is too tame and lacks imagination!

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