Menorca 2012 Day 1 – Luton, Mahon & Giant Beer

So off we go on another annual adventure to the sun. This time to Menorca, a sunny isle in The Balearics, and somewhere that we have not been before.

Greece and her islands were given a miss this year after 6 on the trot as it was clearly visible last year that there was trouble afoot.

Luton airport at 6 in the morning was its usual mix of suits and holiday makers all jostling for breakfast, the only difference being that the latter were having a pint with their bacon bap, including moi.

No, not a giant pint, just an odd photo angle.

Spend a few quid on purchasing Priority Lane for the security hall. The normal queues were 40mins long! We sailed through in 3mins

So onwards to gate 23, fighting our way through the hoards of Czechs, Polish, Hungarians, Romanians etc who are waiting for one of the 13 WizzAir flights that depart Luton between 7.15 – 8.00

Well, well ThomsonFly I spot a modern plane compared to the 20 year old crates that we have flown for the last 2 years (see blog from last year). A Boeing 737-800 awaits resplendent with oversized bent wing tips.

Despite what this next picture looks like, the flight was full.

As I write, sitting in seat 16D, we are on final approach into Mahon. Speak later!

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