Crete 2015 – Day 5 – The Wind doth Blow & Ouzo Mike

This holiday is idyllic, great villa, beautiful surroundings, lush food. Any downside? Unfortunately yes. The villa owners told us that the wind gets up occasionally. This is the worst understatement I have heard for a while. It blows a bloody hooley. Enough to stop you sun bathing and going outside in general. This was one of those days. We decided to be active. A walk down the Hill of Death to the beach and back.

A little cloudy but the wind was a little less at sea level. Two of us were stupid enough to go in the sea. Testicle withdrawing coldness due to the early part of the season.

Then it rained! A quickish scuttle back up the hill to home.

One of the recommendations in all the local guide books was a visit to Pefki, a hillside town at the top of a gorge. Too far to walk so into the mighty Focus we all got. Up and up we went. Pant wetting drops off the side of the road was causing Mrs CT to have an attack of the vapours. It might well have been an old Cretan village but it looked more like it should be twinned with Beruit.

The real reason for visiting this elevated village was because of yet another recommendation that we all subscribe to – a good Taverna. So out of the car and off in search of the Piperia down some very narrow lanes. It looked all closed up due to the rain shower but at he chance of some Euros, Georgia shot out of the kitchen and started to lay a table. What a joy. The tapenades and olives were worth the trip on their own. The ladies studied the menu from cover to cover. Please note cardies due to continuing wind.

Food chosen. Mr R went for fried shrimp whilst Mrs CT chose grilled shrimp. “What’s the difference between those apart from 5 euros I quipped?” Well the picture below explains all. Mr R’s were little tiddlers.

Suitably stuffed, back down the hill to the villa. The guys went to our favourite little watering hole for a quick Ouzo or two. The little lady who runs this thinks we are underfed and always brings us a little snack.

Mike continued his Ouzo binge at dinner confirming his wish to wear white tights and pom poms.

Meanwhile the girls hit the beer. A weird role reversal.



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