Sani Beach Gourmet Week

Unbeknown to us when booking, 13-22 May is a special event at Sani Beach. Some of Greece’s top chefs visit and takeover the restaurants around the Marina providing a tasting menu showing off their skills at a price that would be vulgar of me to mention.

Tonight we are eating at Tomata which won the accolade last year of being one of the top 25 restaurants in Europe. Looking forward to our last night’s dinner in style.

Sani Gourmet Week

In the meantime those pesky ball swatting types mentioned earlier in the week have gone home – hurrah – only to be replaced by an even bigger and more gauche group – boo. If you are seriously thinking of coming to Sani Beach, I would strongly advise against picking a “tennis week”.

Lovely view at breakfast however with not a tennis racket in site.

This was followed by a 2 mile walk to the otherside of the resort before 9am and not a sole in site.

Last day tomorrow so will be taking every opportunity to see how red I can get my legs and other bits!

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