Crete 2013 – Day 6 – Ha det!

No that is not a spelling mistake or predictive text in the title. It is actually Norwegian for “goodbye” which is exactly what happened after breakfast. 3 coach loads in total, which I reckon to be 150 all left at the same time. All the little Svens and Agnitas on one plane – that to me must be a living nightmare!

The hotel was now almost empty. This coupled with a few clouds and strong winds meant very few people were out and about. Mrs CT managed her first ice cream of the holiday whilst answering a few work emails. tut tut. (Please do not zoom into the background of the picture, otherwise I will be accused of being a lech)

I knew you would zoom in! Anyway the other photos I am not allowed to publish as they featured 4 plucky young ladies from Devon who braved the wind until eventually it got too much for them. (My Friday night drinking crew can ask for a private viewing some other time). Meanwhile in down town Kolymbari, nothing was happening.

All I can say is that when they do work their catch ends up on our plates as yakatori shrimp from last night. This is from the new Asian restaurant in the hotel – The Blue Dong – I kid you not!

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