Carvoeiro 2019 – Day 4

Villa Tranquil is the name of our holiday rental in Carvoeiro. Tranquil by name but certainly not by nature.

Villa Tranquil
Villa Tranquil – Garden & Pool

Set on a hill above the town it is located in a beautiful area of similar villas all with large grounds and immaculate gardens. In the bottom of the valley is the main road in and out of town. This is where the problems start.

View of road in the valley

Although the traffic is not heavy by UK standards the noise of any vehicle bounces off one side of the valley and upwards. The Harley Davidsons make a right old racket. So from early morning to late at night it is constant noise.

Next problem – house security. How does that create noise? Let me tell you. All the properties around here have sophisticated security systems, alarms and steel security shutters. I don’t know whether this is because of ongoing problems with vagabonds or just owners being cautious. The less sophisticated security system is dogs and lots of them. Trained to bark at any passing pedestrian they are left outside morning, noon and night. Incessant barking throughout the night is irritating 😠

Security Dog
Not actually image of Carvoeiro Dog!

As already mentioned the gardens here are large and very well kept which means gardeners and more specifically strimmers. From 8am the bloody intermittent roar of a Black & Decker V8 Mark 2 Super Strim is a daily assault on the ears.

Man with strummer
This is not the Black & Decker model!

And lastly but no means least is the cockerel that needs a factory reset. It’s internal clock is broken. Absolutely silent at sunrise but wait until 3pm then every 2 minutes until sun down.

Crowing cockerel
Nice cock

Sorry Sharon from Sheffield, your villa is fantastic but the name is not in line with reality lol 😂 The pool is fun and refreshing. (Please note I am banned from publishing any bikini shots of the womenfolk. In the following video at least one of them finds some purpose in life and brings us guys a beer!)