Carvoeiro 2019 – Day 9

So what to do on a Sunday? A gentle stroll into town for a small bite to eat (large lunch consumed). The coastline around here is generally 100ft above the sea apart from the beaches naturally. So no promenade walk. Instead the clever townsfolk have constructed the Carvoeiro boardwalk along the edge of the cliffs offing stunning views and a chance to glimpse some of the the local flora and fauna.

Carveoiro Boardwalk
Carveoiro Boardwalk

The following video shows the walk along with some of the gardens around us, our curry and our attempt at dancing!

I thoroughly recommend this walk but probably not during the heat of the day in the summer season. So when in town we were meant to seek out a small snack and a few drinks. This turned out to be a full blown curry at Paradise Indian restaurant. Popadoms, pickle tray, assorted starters, chicken jalfrezi, chana dhal, lamb tikka, naans in 3 different flavours, wine and of course copious amounts of Cobra lager. Not quite a small snack but bloody good. Probably the best British Curry I have had outside of the UK.

Curry Sunday

So on the walk back there was a live singer in the Town square and quite a few folks throwing some shapes. We tried to join in but alas too late as the music stopped 10 minutes later.

I will leave you with a little video from earlier in the day. Moral of the story is don’t shut your eyes when your two mates are 2 floors up armed with a jug of cold water. (Sound on).