The Difference a Day makes at Sani Beach

At long last the Grecian sun has dared to put in an appearance. And what an entrance, from 6am until 8pm not a cloud in the sky. Just check out this photo to the one I posted a couple of days ago from the beach bar.

Mrs CT is on her second mojito of the afternoon.

There will be some very red people at breakfast tomorrow including Mrs CT and myself

Strange goings on this morning in the pool.

At least this lot had the decency not to bring their gear to breakfast unlike those pesky tennis type people. One more mention of “yah the subtlety of my drop shot was so good” and I will not be held responsible for my actions or mouth.

Do you remember Polish Patricia from last year? My early evening beer seller. Well this year I have Karen from, would you believe Scotland!

I can understand all the girls from Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Poland etc wanting to get away for the summer and work somewhere nice and hot. Come to think of it, not a bad decision Karen.

Due out earlier tonight as we have managed to get another booking at the Italian to replace the washout from earlier in the week.

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