Summer Holiday 2016 – Day -1. The Horrors of Packing

Yes, that’s right readers day minus 1 to our Summer Holidays – destination will be revealed in due course. It is 221 days since the Stanwick 6 booked this holiday and time has flown by. This time tomorrow we will be at our destination airport waiting for the luggage. Luggage that always appears to be cause of concern, frustration, and in the case (no pun intended) of myself and Mrs CT, arguments.

Mrs CT always tries to nick some of my allowance claiming that she never has enough. When I point out that 9 pairs of shoes is a tad excessive, I am accused of being unhelpful and trying to ruin the holiday. This is why, today, I am on a “business trip” and have left all of the packing to her. Of course I picked out my clothes that I wanted to take, as instructed, only to be told that my selection was not appropriate!

Mrs C on the other hand has been concerned for the past 3 months or so as to how she was going to get the kitchen sink in as she always does when departing for destinations abroad.

Mrs R, bizarrely, has been more interested in the state of Mr R’s smalls. Heh, each to his or her own.

I am sure we will arrive in one piece, with far too many clothes (shoes and handbags etc) than we will need. I have a feeling that the next 2 weeks are going to be much fun and could get very messy!


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