Menorca Day 3 – Hats & Tapas

After the shenanigans of the night before we were all a little jaded and sitting around in the Sun all day probably would not do us any good. A walk into Mahon was suggested because it was only 15 minutes – yeah right. So down the wooden steps at the end of our road we went.

This brought us into the pretty little harbour of Calas Fonts where we had those very early beers on day 1. Following the coast around and past the only big hotel here, Barcelo Hamilton, the sun was taking its toll. When the ladies discovered, that in reality, it was probably at least another 40 minute walk to the capital’s shopping centre, the task was cancelled and instead changed into a search for hats of the sun variety. This was not going to prove to be easy as it was after all a Sunday and only 10:00. Learning from our first day eagerness, soft drinks all round were ordered at the same bar.

No this is not two different views of Mrs Cas but an unfortunate coincidence of “the same dress” in the same bar. According to people in the know this has been caused by a very popular pattern this season from Next. The hat shops were now open and our choices could be made. Needless to say that in my instance the choice was not mine but Mrs CT’s. Mr Cas wanted to be a pirate and got his way.

You can see my hat another time. So back to the villa via yet more supermarket shopping but only for lunch provisions as we had chosen to go out tonight for cocktails and tapas.

3 x Long Island Ice Teas and 3 x Cosmopolitans later we sat down at our reserved table for seafood all round.

Fried anchovies, prawns in garlic & chilli oil, fried cod, cuttlefish, mussels served 2 different ways and of course chips was the order. Wine naturally.

After all that we were tired and attempted to walk it all off. For some this was just too much and bed time beckoned.

We did get side tracked on the way home by Ice Creams, Nescafé Frappe and, a new taste sensation, Pomade Slushies. Some of you may remember the classic Minorcan drink from my blog a few years ago. It will feature again in the next 10 days. So in summary a fairly quiet and well behaved day which nearly balances out the BBQ / squirty cream antics from yesterday.



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