Menorca – Day 2 – Avin it Large

First real day of our holidays. Up bright and early, breakfast, of the healthy continental type, on one of our terraces and we are set for a day of doing nothing around the pool.

Men bored by 11:00 set out on manoeuvres with the excuse of finding the local fish shops and butchers for a BBQ that evening. As per usual we did not get very far before we were exhausted and needed refreshments. Our waiter from yesterday morning recognised us and noticed that as we were without women suggested we might like a “large beer” today. Agreed.


12 sausages added to the bag he even through in a couple of Sobradasas for free. Stop off at the supermarket from the day before for yet another trolley load and we were done. Nice onions Mr R

Back at the villa the ladies had already availed themselves of lunch, including a litre of homemade Sangria, leaving the hunters to gather a few scraps together including a decent sized punnet of pork snatching. At least Mrs CT brought us some well deserved refreshments. Oh dear this is heading towards carnage again.

So on we drifted merrily into late afternoon and the evening. Mr R had promised the ladies Mojitos so mixed up a large jug full which they polished off with ease. The party had started. A pre-food boogie on our second terrace.

The villa even has 2 BBQs, one charcoal and one gas. The 2 organic, corn fed chickens and the sausages were duly cremated.

An excellent meal washed down, in the men’s case by a decent bottle of red. In the women’s case 2 bottles of Cava and goodness knows what else. When the lovely chocolate pudding, chosen by Mr Cas, came out along with the squirty cream, all hell let lose. The men for a change were very well behaved. More than can be said for certain ladies. You make you own mind’s up!


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Location:Calle de la Tramuntana,es Castell,Spain

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