Menorca Day 10 – Doesn’t Time Fly

Oh dear, I am so sorry. This holiday has been so action packed that my blogging has taken second place. We are having so much fun!

So where are we? Well you already know that we are on the Island of Menorca in a small village just to the south of the capital Mahon called Es Castell. And to be even more accurate the residential area of Santa Anna just above the harbour of Calla Fonts.

A very unspoilt area with definitely no kiss me quick hats, English breakfasts or any other tat from other places I could mention.

This holiday was always going to centre around two main things, food and of course drink. Here are a selection of images collected so far. Please note that the first drinks consumed where by Mrs CT and Mrs R at 06:30 at 30,000ft somewhere above the English Channel. Events have gone downhill since then.

All 6 of us are foodies and have investigated all that the local area has to offer. Again here are a few pictures. Many more to follow including fried sea anenomies, tripe, liver and other beasties from the depths.

Needless to say, the women have also spent countless hours in and out of shops of various sorts

and boys will be boys



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