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You probably read all about this event on yesterday’s news. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones who got stuck in this along with 7 of our customers who we were taking out to Germany to visit the Keuco factory. The same 7 who’s flight was cancelled at the last minute in July – what are the chances of that!

Purpose of this blog is to examine the differences in customer service between Luton Airport and our chosen airline – easyJet.

This first picture was taken from the bus coming from the mid-term carpark at 14:05. As we approached the terminal you could see that something was wrong – thousands of people walking away from the building and police everywhere. Our bus was stopped and told to return to the car park. There was no point us getting off as everyone was being herded well away from the buildings.

Back at the car park it was obvious something was wrong. First confirmation came from our bus driver who informed us that this was going to be a long delay and that all incoming flights had been suspended. so that’s 1-0 to luton Airport. Too hot to sit on the bus so we got out into the wonderful sunshine. Picture  is of the now closed roundabout at the entrance to the airport. The cars you see are not moving but have been parked in the hope that incident would be over soon. Some hope!

Water supplied by airport staff as the day was hot. So that’s 2-0 Come on easyJet whats your news regarding all this? At 15:51 we all got a text from the airline informing us that the airport had been evacuated. Seriously! Nearly 2 hours after the event – pathetic.

All through the next couple of hours we were kept upto date by the bus driver and his walkie talkie. The bomb squad arrived, a robot was sent in, a controlled explosion was about to happen. Still no flights in and what a surprise nothing from easyJet. Sorry thats not quite true, if you needed to change your baby you could use their offices!

At 17:00 our ever informative bus driver said that we should all check with our airlines as to the status of our flights as he and his colleagues had been informed that most of the flights due out in the last hour and the next 3 hours were now cancelled. Oh yes check with easyJet, Precisely how I asked?

So mustering all the social media we had between us we scoured Twitter, Facebook, FlightAware, TripIt and even easyJet’s own website and app. Luckily (unluckily) for those of on the 16:10 flight to Dortmund, the decision to cancel the flight was one of the first taken by easyJet at 17:05. Okay I will give you .5 of a point for this. News was relayed by their IOS app. Now 5-0.5 in my reckoning.

So back into the cars and the first to leave the airport. All the way down the road, around the roundabout an onto the M1 link road, cars were parked 2 deep. Good luck people but most of you are going no where.

Not a bad trip back up the M1 to Rushden and beyond. Quick stop at Waitrose to get some dinner and then home by 18:40.

And then at 20:07 an email from the airline

Booking reference: EN4LV1K
We are really sorry to inform you that your easyJet flight, 2175 to DTM on 08-SEP-14 has been cancelled. We understand that cancelling your flight will cause you inconvenience and we are very sorry when things don’t run as scheduled.  

Pathetic, pathetic, incompetent and useless easyJet. In these situations, all your customers want is information, promptly, accurate and informative. Today you provided non of this.

Your disruption manager Gill L could use some training in the effective use of social media. You have all the customers details. In many cases mobile numbers. email addresses and login details from the app.

If you need any help in advising you how to improve customer service and relations, please let me know.

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