How not to start The New Year

So here I am at 04:19 on the first day of 2013 and I have just finished throwing up.

Ah ha I hear you say. Serves you right for over imbibing at the party.

The fact is that I have not been ill through excess alcohol since my 18th birthday. This record remains.

So what happened? It is still 21:30 and I have happily finished my 4th small bottle of beer. A little food is the order of the day I thought.

No sooner had I finished a delicious plate of chilli, cooked by the host, and curry from next door Neil, I knew something wasn’t right.

2 large glasses of water later ( thanks guys for taking the piss that I was on the water before 22:00) I still did not feel any better.

The very kind Katrina, the hostess, asked me if I was alright and if there was anything she could do. A small nap might improve things I replied. “Not a problem, use Laura’s room. The aforementioned 19 year old wasn’t there but rather chose to go and “ave it large” somewhere in Leicester.

The other advantage of this bedroom was the ensuite bathroom.

I can only say that over the proceeding 2 hours, I put it to good use. (Sorry Laura if you are reading this). One particular visit amused me slightly. As the count from downstairs commenced 10…9…8…7, I made it until 3 before another gut wrenching session with the big white telephone began.

At this point a couple of other party goers decided that I will be better in my own bed. To Mr & Mrs B I am truly grateful and also to Mrs CT who got me through this event. So grateful that I managed to avoid being sick in their car…..only just making it to my own WC by seconds!

So there we are. 3 hours further on and I am finally “empty”. Weakened and exhausted I am now pondering the cause – food or bug?

Not looking forward to the morning really. The one upside? I started a diet 3 days ago to try and lose 2 stone by April. Cannot wait to weigh in later!

Oh, Happy New Year by the way 🙂

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