Home Expansion – Day 1

So the day has finally arrived after 7 months of planning and research…………..and we had somewhat forgotten. Only the sound of a lorry drawing up outside and the clanking of a mini-digger being unloaded provoked Mrs CT and myself into action…………the builders were here!

There were cups of tea to be made, questions to be asked and reassurances sought. The slight drizzle that was now falling made me think that today was not going to be the tidiest or cleanest. Mrs CT, I am sure, still thought that all of this was going to be achieved with the minimum of mess and chaos…………

……………..this was soon rectified when Jack decided that the digger was not going to get into our back garden and proceeded to belt seven bells of whatsit out of the garden wall and back gate with a lump hammer……….the blood was already draining from Mrs CT’s face………as the wall was finally demolished and lay in a neat pile on the front lawn. “Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” declared Jack. Sod the eggs it is the mud, muck and dust that Mrs CT is worried about.

As the day went on a large proportion of the back garden was dug out and transported to the front garden to be met by a over large Tonka toy with a grab bucket and neatly transported away. Surveying the trench that now surrounded the back door Mrs CT was now quite excited at the progress being made. “The concrete truck is on its way” someone declared at which she decided her sister’s was beckoning as a safe refuge and would have a working toilet as 2 of ours had been disconnected.

So that was it, all that remained was me, the building team of 3 and Smudge the cat…………..oh crikey I had forgotten about Smudge who with impeccable timing was making great muddy paw prints through the kitchen, hall and now was busy decorating the dining room window sill.

Oh well it least it wasn’t me wrecking the house……..this time!

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