Day 7 Kefalonia – Greek Wine & Mobile Saunas

I have been coming to Greece and her islands for the best part of 30 years. I can remember that in the beginning Greek Wine was something of an acquired taste. Either Retsina, freshly distilled from the nearest pine tree and donkey pi$$ or a range of wines called Demestica (effectionaly known by the Brits as killing 99% of all known germs).

Wine making in Greece has come along way since then with several of their wines winning international awards.

The lady in the picture above owns and runs a winery in deepest Kefalonia by the name of Gentilini which was started by her father 30 years ago.

Her niche is to produce organically certified wines made from the rarest of grapes only to be found on the island. Ranging from a very decent white at €10 to big bold reds of €60.

Needless to say Mrs CT and I took the opportunity to buy a few samples direct from Gabrielle. The chilled white being drunk around the pool at the moment is their gold medal award winning Robola.

The forerunner to all of this wine based frivolity was the mini bus journey from hell.

Air temperature at 15:00 outside the bus +37c, temperature inside the bus +54c! Reason broken air-con and no opening windows. Why would you want opening windows if you have air-con?

After 1hr 45mins we were all fit to drop. Some people were actually tipping water over themselves as well as drinking it.

Needless to say Mrs CT and I made the return journey by air conditioned Merc E class. (Bizarrely with the Head of Family medicine from Athens Hospital who was on holiday and a friend of the taxi driver). This was after I promised the Olympic rep that he would be getting the bill after allowing a sub-standard vehicle to be used. Harsh? No.

I forgot to mention that during the whole outgoing bus journey a large red light was illuminated on the dashboard. On closer inspection it was the one for the brakes “stop immediately and seek attention”. For those of you that have been to Kefalonia you will know that good brakes are a good recommendation for the 1:5 hills!

Watch out Olympic / CBR you haven’t heard the last of this.

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