Cretian Times The Last Issue

09:30 – check-in excellent. No weighing scales so no possibility of excess baggage. Seats allocated at 12e+f. Go to breakfast and then sit in the cool until pick up at 12:30. I am sure I will find something to write about or photograph.

13:00 I have to say that Heraklion airport is not a good experience. Far too small for the number of flights coming in and a ridiculous gate system. At least we didn’t have to check our cases in.

So here we go, only 30 mins to lift off and our journey home. Nice to see it is the same 25 year old plane that we flew here on. Wonder if they still have the gaffer tape holding the internal door trims on!

Gaffer tape gone but interesting crack in the window frame just by my seat. I will keep my eye on it and hope it doesn’t grow during the flight.

Mrs CT eventually gets through passport control after getting in the wrong queue stuck behind a couple of dimwits. Uneventful flight apart from a couple of badly behaved children or should I say a couple of kids with incapable/uninterested parents.

Any way a fabulous 2 weeks in the sun. Fully rested and now ready to tackle whatever the rest of the year has to throw at us.

Bye for now S & S

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