Cretian Times Day 9

At what point in his life does a man think “I bet if I wore a pair of small swimming trunks from Speedo, I will look really cool”? Middle aged and older men seem to have a fascination with this that surely has to come with a slow down in the cerebral cortex. This affliction is even more so prevalent in the males from mainland Europe. Walking past several of the large Germanic hotels this morning, Mrs CT was prone to numerous bouts of the giggles. Guys – once you get to an age and body shape that needs some decency, put the thongs away – please.

This is my T-shirt for the day.

I do have another one with a large male chicken on it. You can work out the motto for yourselves!

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Here in Crete it falls in our pool.

Don’t worry it was just a passing shower and we were inside getting changed for the evening. Nice rainbows.

I think the seats at Pat’s bar could be a bit soggy.

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