Cretian Times Day 11

Remember when you were young, painting multiple colours on a piece of paper and then covering the whole lot with a black wax crayon. You could then scratch off the wax to create a picture revealing the colours underneath? Kids of today I think use “magic pens”. Well something similar has arrived for the iPhone – Colorsplash. You take one of your photographs which the program turns black & white. You can then remove some of this grey covering to reveal just the coloured parts you want to. This gives focus to the subject matter such as this picture which I am calling mmmmm beer!

Some other examples of our holiday

What a great little program. (available from the App store as usual).

Some nice sand art on the beach this morning

This is Mrs CT’s effort. How touching!

Did you manage to find the nice pair of melons in yesterdays photo? No? Well here they are

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