Cretian Times Day 10

Yesterday I took the male of the species to task re their choice of swimwear, I feel I need to bring things into balance. Today my subject is Tramp Stamps or more specifically those broad tattoos stretching across the lower back of ladies who choose to do so. Unlike the men and their Speedos whose choice of affliction befalls them in later life, the choice for the lady is usually made at a much younger age. The horror for both comes at the same time. Having watched pool life in general over the past 10 days it is obvious that some of these tramp stamps are now well over 20 years old and unfortunately for the wearer, nature has taken it’s toll. The once proud decoration has started to head south. This is why I prefer the German name for these adornments which translates as “Ass Horns”. So, ladies if you are in your late teens / early twenties, think not “how cool will that look” but what will it look like in 25 years time after 2 kids and middle age beckons? In the most cases not good! (PS the young lady is not in our hotel and I did not take the picture).

After last week’s walk in the heat, we today took the train into Hersonissos. Well when I say train I mean a heavily disguised tractor pulling 3 trailers fitted out with bench seating. On the whole a pleasant experience taking in parts of the old town as well as the olive groves on the outskirts. Why our Greek hosts thought they were operating some sort of fairground ride in the first 10 minutes is beyond me. Driving around in a tight circle could be vomit inducing and then driving side to side causing the rear trailers to veer snakelike and at whiplash speed certainly was. And to cap it all they then stopped and insisted on taking photographs of the now terrified passengers which could be viewed later with no obligation to buy. Too bloody right mate!

Lastly today is a picture of a nice pair of melons. Can you spot them?

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