Crete 2013 – Day 4 – It’s all Greek to me

Okay I have to admit that my claim last night that I am fluent in the Greek Alphabet is a lie. The reason I could translate the name of my beer is due to the fact it is written on the beer pump. Note the portability. It sits near the tables at the front of the Taberna so to preserve the chillness of the golden liquid.

I know we struggle with the funny letters but please Mr Greek man check your English spellings before splashing out a few hundred Euros, that you cannot afford, in an attempt to attract the tourists!

“Why?” Is all I have to say about the next picture from a field next to our hotel. Did the moped just run out of fuel and it has been left where it stopped? Perhaps the field is really a swamp and the owner has been swallowed up? Answers on a post card please.

And finally. It must of been some clever Greek mathematician who originally described the strange effect of refraction (google it). The legs below the water really do belong to the chap to the left. The 10cm thick glass walls of the pool demonstrate the effect quite well!

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