Crete 2013 – Day 3 – You get what you ask for

For those of you that have followed this blog over the past 4 years you will know that good food and drink plays a large part in our travels. The food at the hotel is good and has variety. As we are half board a lunchtime excursion is not uncommon. So we staggered all of 50 metres next door to the local Taberna (not a spelling mistake).

Calamari, Taramasalata, Greek salad and bread all washed down with ice cold Mythos in glasses straight from the freezer. Some of you may have spotted an extra dish. Full marks if you did.
When Mrs CT ordered the Greek salad the proprietor asked her if she liked okra? No she replied, puzzled that it should be in the salad. “What about broccoli”? He asked. “Oh yes I like broccoli” she retorted. So that’s exactly what she got, a plate of beautiful green broccoli dressed in olive oil and lemon!

So happy was the owner at some of his first guests of the season, the free raki (Greek firewater) and lemon cake at the end of the meal had 2 encores. So once again we had over done it at lunchtime and the afternoon siesta commenced at 15.30 and lasted well into early evening!

This lunchtime we were a little more sensible and went to the supermarket to buy bread, ham & cheese to make our own lunch. Don’t be disappointed with us, a cheeky little cold and dry rose number fell into the basket as well, unlike Larry’s head in the picture above.

So here I am sitting by the sea with the locals, drinking my pint of Alfa. Yes I am fluent in the Greek alphabet ūüôā

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