Crete 2013 – Day 2 – Octopus & Giraffe

After yesterday’s first experience of the hotel, we knew there were a few toddlers in residence, all called Sven or Agnita. This morning came a shock to the system when the breakfast room was already full at 8am and boy was it full. Little buggers.

The final confirmation of a “family hotel” came in the appearance of a 7ft furry giraffe! (Note to oneself: be more thorough with hotel research)

We just had to go for a walk into town to relieve the disbelief. When I say town what I mean is 20 or so establishments, half of them shut, but the other half offering fresh fish by the sea – very Shirley Valentine.

Seafood just doesn’t get any fresher than this! Early morning octopus pegged out on the line to “cure”.

Anyway, back to our pool and our own separate main pool – sorry, forgot to mention that. Nice sunshine which has resulted in my head doing a fetching impression of a red currant – thank you to Mrs CT for letting me fall asleep after lunch and sorry to my fellow sun worshippers for listening to me snore.

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