Tenerife 2012 Day 5 – National noise levels & lizards

Staying at a multi-national hotel is always interesting and I have to say far more pleasant than a UK only establishment.

We are always quite prepared for the individual quirkiness of each nationality and not forgetting the Brits have quite a few of their own.

This hotel is 70% Spanish, 20% French, 9% English & 1% German.

The French are aloof and stylish as always, the Germans very reserved due to the minority (the fact that there is an abundance of sunbeds is ruining their early morning entertainment) and the English are in the main old.

This leaves the Spanish who are as noisy as ****. Talking at 98db even when they are sitting only metres apart, with wild arm gesturing you would think there is a riot underway.

However, the Brits, not to be outdone, have brought in the cavalry in the form of a couple of Geordie families. You have never heard so much bullshit, and at head numbing volume, being spoken in and around the pool. Mrs CT and I are now on operation “Avoid sitting near to or having to talk to the Geordies”

Lizards on the other hand, are nice quiet and gentle creatures. Here is one that came to say hello this morning.

“Ooh that’s massive!” exclaimed Mrs CT. I just wish she always got that excited upon viewing something that is obviously no bigger than 6 inches.

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