Super smooth with Wizz Air @wizzair

Unusually today is only my 6th flight of the year. Ditching my preference for little orange or blue planes, this time I have gone pink. Or rather pink and purple!

This Hungarian airline is now carrying in excess of 11 million passengers a year using the latest and comfortable Airbus A320. Flying all over Europe but based mainly in the East they have come a long way from humble beginnings.

Enough of the formalities, Wizz Air is just what is required to get me to my Zagorka, Shopska Salad, Pork Skewers and Todoroff. The latter being a very cheeky little merlot style vino but costing 1/3 of what one from S. America would cost. Laters xx

Not me but my travelling companion for 3 days @DavidBeeney. I think he is trying to complete The Times sudoku. No hope in the 3 hour flight time.

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