New York 2014 – Day 3

I think I have lost track of the days already! Today is the start of the dreaded shopping. Naturally before embarking on this arduous task any man must start the day correctly and when in NYC that means only one thing – a morning visit to the 24 hour diner.

All of 50m across the street is the Cosmic Diner with all the usual fare. I chose corned beef hash with 2 eggs over easy. All breakfast came with fried potatoes and toast. The other thing they do very well over here is the bottomless cups of corfee (no, not a spelling mistake). $20 later we were set for the task ahead.

First stop, Macys, allegedly the largest department store in the world. I am not going to disagree with them. It is set in 2 inter-connecting buildings over 9 floors. Interestingly the first department you meet through the doors is not the usual women’s perfume and make-up but refreshingly the mens fashion and accessories. First target achieved within 2 minutes. 2 pairs of Levi 501’s in black and denim. Cost £60 for both compared to £80 for 1 pair in the UK. Bargain!! This was immediately followed by target 2, a man-bag from Tumi (yes my friends you can all laugh at me when I get back!)

The downside to all this man activity is the knowlege that the next 2-3 hours is going to be spent going through every single women’s fashion concession available. I offered the “I will only slow you down. Let’s meet back here at 2pm”……and it worked wooo hooo.

So off to the cooking department to see what latest gadget I could buy………and then the angels were smiling down on me, Sharing the basement with the kitchen section was Macy’s Bar & Grill otherwise known as the men’s creche. Cold beer, 3 large sports screens, one of then showing Premiership Football, I knew I would not be seeing much more of the shop.

The frenzied shopping session had even taken it’s toll on Mrs CT a usual stalwart of the Saturday activity. The suggestion was to make our way back to the hotel to deposit numerous bags and then nip around the corner to an Irish Bar I had spotted earlier in the day for a spot of lunch. No more shopping, more cold beer and food, what more could a man want!

Approaching the Irish bar, Mrs CT exclaimed that they had misspelled Michael’s as the name of the bar. ‘Look she said it says MCHALES” I pointed out that being Celtic, it probably said McHales! Oh she is lovely but sometimes the hair colour really does let her down.

Anyway, Mac & Cheese and a plate of Calamaries all washed down with Heineken completed the daytime agenda.

For the evening I had pre booked a table at Maze by Gordon Ramsey situated in The London Hotel. All I can say is “Gordon take your name off it”. Average food, above average prices, below average service. Nice surroundings but nowhere near your usual standard.

Amusement of the night was watching the waiter try and find the Pinot Grigio in the red wine section, Needless to say we were not going to point him in the right direction – not a good start!

There are better places to spend your money in NYC. Onwards to tomorrow when a long walk in Central Park is planned for first thing. Weather – no rain but -6c. Oh good! Laters.

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