Crete 2013 – Day 1

After the usual 2 hour scrum at the Ryanair bag drop, we made the flight with minutes to spare. Please don’t judge me but I NEVER fly with this airline through choice. The special offer from the hotel came with the flight attached. The interior of the aircraft is enough to cause nausea even before the first bout of turbulence.

After 2 hours of flying and 1.5 hours of bumpiness, we arrive in a very sunny and warm Chania in the West of Crete. Tiny airport, great service. Off the plane and through with bags in under 20 mins!

So onwards to Kolymbia and the Avra Imperial Hotel & Spa via the usual manic taxi driver in his E-Class Merc with faulty air-con. First impressions of our hotel are very good. Quite new, great room, naturally with private pool! Picture taken at 6pm after sun has vacated the patio.

The hotel at this time of year is 95% Scandinavian and 5% Brits. The Swedes etc all have toddlers in tow which is going to make the evenings quiet and has compensations around the main pool during the day…….more of the yummy mummies tomorrow! (Shit I hope that Mrs CT doesn’t read this)

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