Carvoeiro 2019 – Day 3

So we have found our feet, getting to know the quickest route into town, where the restaurants are and just as important, the bars.

What we hadn’t explored was the resort in general. This is where these little tourist “trains” come in handy. For €4 we set off on the 12:00 departure for a 45 minute tour up and down some very narrow streets and steep hills.

Carvoeiro  Torist Train
Carvoeiro Tourist Train
On the tourist train
On the tourist train

One o’clock and time for lunch. Mr R remembered a restaurant overlooking the beach that did good food fresh from the bbq or pizza oven. So Don Carvoeiro it was.

Lunch at Don Carvoeiro
Pizza & Prawns

Started with a little tapas dish of marinated octopus followed by pizzas with the exception of Mr C who had a skewer of giant prawns and huge pieces of roasted octopus

So back to the villa to catch some rays.

Mr C asleep
Mr C on zoom lens from the other side of the pool

After such a fun packed day and large lunch we were never going to travel far for dinner. In fact the only people that made it to Restaurante Palmeira were the gentlemen of the group. The following picture is not the result of some debauched dining experience with wine being thrown everywhere, but rather a delicious tomato salad that was very juicy.

Table carnage
After dinner!

After our fill of piri piri chicken and fries an early night was in order or so I thought. Mr C retired to bed whilst Mr R and I thought it a good idea to finish off the bottle of brandy bought only two days ago. Not a good idea as it turned out the following morning