World Cup Bulgaria 2014 – Day 3A

So here is the proper blog from the day I missed. Real reason was not hangovers but lack of pictures. Why? Well we had naively made the mistake of letting Mr B deciding on the day’s activities based on his superior knowledge of the local weather systems. That was mistake no.1. “Today is the best day of the week for sun – off to the beach we should go” declared Mr B. Stupidly, with hindsight, we duly followed. The minute we stepped onto the beach the heavens opened with thunder and lightening very, very frightening.

Thank God we were only 50m from the White Bar at the time. Only one thing to do – take advantage of their all day happy hour. 2 White Russians at 11:00 certainly livened me up (I am of course talking about the drink made with Vodka, Tia Maria and Milk not Sletvana and Olga from St Petersburg). The rain stopped now and then allowing us to bar hop down Sunny Beach ending up at Jupiters for a quick lunch. Best burgers in town – and another all day happy hour!

The picture above is from our evening meal that day. A quaint little restaurant in the nearest village of Aheloy. Our thinking was to eat at 8pm and then have a relative late start for us in Sunny Beach of 10ish. The meal was superb – 5 starters between us of chicken livers village style, 2 x Scad, Chef’s special Salad and Squid. To follow two massive Sac. This is the name of the local clay pot which comes sizzling to your table laden with meat, potatoes, various vegetables etc, Even the 5 of us failed to finish them both. And then, unbelievably, puds!! A round of Jagermeisters on the house. So all of this plus 4 carafes of wine, 8 beers and more shots and the bill………….£8 per head! So off to party time…………no………..

The storm from Hades hit the coast lasting for the next 4 hours. Spectacular and very wet. Party time cancelled as we had an early night. Laters.

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