Bulgaria 2013 – Day 2 – Empty Boxes & Chicken Impoosible

After a nice early night we awoke to the rays of the Bulgarian sun blasting their way into the bedroom. Up at 08:00 and downstairs to make a cup of tea for Mrs CT. Memories of where everything is kept came quite easily and a brew was quickly made. Having a look around the downstairs of the Villa it is apparent that there is enough booze to host a small party or at least keep us happy for a week. The biggest disappointment was the box with “Bollinger” written on it. It turned out to be exactly that – a box with “Bollinger” written on it.

The previous guests had kindly left a large bottle of beer in the fridge (2 litres) along with white wine, Sangria and 6 eggs. This last item also brought back memories of our trip 4 years ago, with our hosts, where boiled eggs with dippy soldiers were consumed every morning. This morning was no exception. It also brought forth the original egg timer notification of that period. Listen below if you dare!

The rest of the day was very lazy with Mrs CT having a mega siesta of 4 hours! We were joined around the pool by Joel & Grace, son of our hosts, as the ceiling of their apartment was being re-plastered after a serious leak in the property above. At least the girls got in the pool.

This is going to be one very relaxing, laid back holiday. Weather forecast is for even hotter temperatures than the last few weeks at 36c.

Tomorrow Mrs CT has decided that a trip in the mighty Aygo is necessary for a supermarket run to Lidl (its where dwarves go shopping apparently)…. And then she wants me to cook Friday dinner. I might be able to cook but I am not a magician! BBQ is looking more likely.

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