Bulgaria 2013 – Day 11 – All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go

Saturday was beautiful, scorching sunshine and not a cloud in the sky…………until 6pm! See below. We spent all day around our pool sunbathing. Decisions were made to glam up and go to the small village of Medovo where there was a choice of 2 good restaurants that we knew. Despite the rain and having no windscreen wiper on the mighty Aygo, it was Mrs. CT’s turn to drive.

Apparently the local Bulgarinas in this area do have lives of their own outside of tourisim and property rental. Our first choice for the evening was Chateaux, a relatively new establishment recommended to us. We walked in just as the bride and groom were starting their fist dance. A hasty retreat was made.

Okay, second choice, Crystal it would be then. A great resaurant in a good setting that we have eaten at before on a few occaisons……..it was shut and locked!!

Oh crap.

So back to Aheloy it was then to try and find the mysterious local restaurant suggest to us by Mr B. He didin’t know the name of it but it was first right and it had table and chairs outside…..well that narrows it down a bit then.

Hurrah, we found it. Only a couple of tables left on this Saturday night but beggars cannot be choosers. Somewhat overdressed compared to our fellow diners we studied the menu. Some alarming choices including Lamb’s Bowel Soup, Fried Tongue and Donkey’s Milk were given a wide berth.

We chose a mixed Sacht (name of the clay pot it is served on) to share with a plate of chicken livers that were also recommended by Mr B. Having eyes bigger than our bellys we made the all too often mistake of ordering more – a plate of cheesy chips and a Shopska salad.

Normally this would of been okay but the size of the Sacht was truly amazing. piled high with pork, chicken, roast potatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions and courgettes. Yes it truly is a roast dinner on a plate.

Remember, this dish is for 1 person!!

Surprisingly we could not finish it all which meant Mrs CT did not have room for what is apparently a very good home made Creme Caramel.

The total bill for all of this including drinks – £13.50

If you want to find this restaurant in Aheloy please do take the first right on the way from the Vineyards and then take a copy of the picture with you! Oh and yes it does have table chairs outside.

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